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Welcome to Cybertart design
We are a Melbourne (Australia) based design
duo - both armed with a degree in fine arts -
united with the passion to create.
est 2002

Postage guide
We use overnight express post parcels (Aust wide)
Small parcel @ $8.00 (approx 1 small bag and purses)
Large parcel @ $12.00 (everything else)

Personalised bags

Image specs for custom images.

Lil propaganda 20cm x 20cm
B-Square 20cm x 27cm
B-Square zip 20cm x 17cm
Mega propaganda 28.7cm x 27cm
Mega propaganda zip 28.7 x 20cm
Lil monster 28.7 x 20cm
Lil monster (Long) 28.7 x 25cm

Prints should be at least 300dpi (approx 1.5meg)
The bigger the better quality.